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time in public since 2006 when he was sentenced in 2006 for the enron collapse. you can see that he has grown a beard, but looking well for 59-year-old after having spent six years in prison. he will go in front of the judge that sentenced him to 24 years and along with federal prosecutors will ask for the sentence to be reduced and as such he will drop all of the remaining appeals. he was alleging misconduct by the prosecutors that would be dropped and some $40 million freed up for the enron collapse. the convictions will stand, and so skilling's efforts will declare his name to be overwith, but with this deal he will be out of jail at 2017 if the judge approves it a and the sentencing hearing to take place this af r afternoon, and jeff skilling in houston for the the first time in more than six years. >>> scott cohn bringing you back to another significant period of volatility when enron and worldcom and adele fa aphia, an other frauds. and now it is a bad feeling in part today. >> yes, because it is a leaky boat everywhere. you have looked mostly at the united states, but you have t
skilling, the man credit with the enron collapse. his get out of jail may be coming sooner than he or anyone else thought. [ male announcer ] erica had a rough day. good thing she's got the citi simplicity card. it doesn't charge late fees or a penalty rate, ever. because she's got other things to stress about. ♪ go to to apply. the -- jeff skilling, the man >>> friend of pro football player is murdered and the media jumps all over the story. some comparing it to the o.j. simpson case. that is a stretch. a big, big stretch. but a very big mystery is hanging over new england's patriots tight end aaron hernandez this morning and his friend. his friend whose body was found a half mile from hernandez's boston area home. now follow me here. the sister of the victim, odin lloyd, his sister says that the two of them were at a boston nightclub friday, that's aaron and odin, okay? she says her brother was also dating the sister of hernandez's fianc fiancee. hernandez has not been charged with anything. he's absolutely not talking. legal experts and panel, plenty to say
'll name james comey, a former federal prosecutor and deputy attorney general. >>> former enron ceo will be in court in houston, texas, today. skilling will be resentenced for the enron corporate fraud after the justice department recommended reducing his prison sentence from 24 to 14 years. >>> and we also want to say happy birthday to 2009 american idol winner chris allen, who is 28, britain's prince william turns 31, and juliet lewis is 40. >>> here's what's coming up later on the "today" show. matt lauer talks to paula deen. daredevil nick wallenda joins us for a preview of the tight rope walk. keep it right here. we have more news, weather, and sports on nbc. thanks for watching "early today." have a great weekend. >>> on the run and wanted in three cities on the peninsula. the details we're learning about an alleged serial burglar and where police think he may be. >>> watching for retaliation. what san jose police are planning for this weekend after a teenager is killed by a rival gang mob. >>> the world famous shez paniss opens its doors almost four months after a fire burnt
watchers expect people to buy blue chips to dress up port follows. >>> enron may have a little bit more to be upset about today. a shortened prison sentenced for the jailed jeffrey skilling. we were in the courtroom for this controversial decision and joins us live from houston. scott, why the more lenient resentencing and why right now? >> reporter: well, you know, it makes sense for a guy in charge of an energy trading company, this was a trade off. they said 24 years was too hash and should be more like 15 or 16 years. skilling wasn't willing to settle for that initially. he was going to charge the government committed misconduct in prosecuting the case. that would drag it out longer so the government and skilling came to this agreement where skilling would drop the remaining appeals, $40 million would be returned to the investors, the convictions would stand but he would get out of prison early, 14 years and good behavior he'll be out by 2017. >> give us aceps of ttmosphere courtroom today and how did skilling look? >> reporter: he is 59 years old and looks every bit of that. he's g
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street to main street today as the man blamed for the collapse of enron pleads for an early release from prison. jeffrey skilling will be seen in public for the first time in more than 6 years today as he asks a judge to reduce his 24- year sentence. he also wants credit for time already served and for good behavior. he could be out by 2017 after serving around 10 years. under a deal, skilling would drop his appeals, including alleged misconduct by the justice department prosecuting the case. it would also mean victims of the enron business model scheme he invented would recieve restitution. shareholders filed a $40 billion lawsuit after enron shares fell from $90 to $1 in 2001. apple's price-fixing trial is coming to an end. apple's attorney claimed the company acted legally when pursuing deals with publishers. the publishers have settled with the government and agreed to $122 million in damages to 33 states that had joined the federal suit. last year the justice department accused apple of joining with five major publishers to drive up the price of electronic books as it entered the e-
of perfection. >>> welcome back. breaking news. former enron ceo jeff skilling has just been resentenced. scott cohn in houston now with the details. over to you, scott. >> reporter: maria, saying that crimes of this magnitude deserve significant punishment, u.s. district judge sim lake nonetheless reduced his 2006 sent of jeffrey skilling from 24 years down to 14 years with credit for time served, time off for good behavior and the like. he could be out, now, in 2017, which would mean he will have served about 11 years for his role as ceo of enron, in that company's historic 2001 collapse. the courtroom was packed with a lot of jeff skilling supporters, members of ken lay's family, former enron executives, and members of skilling's family. and we learned that some 200 people had written to the court in his support, including fellow inmates at the federal prison in colorado where skilling is being housed. we learned that since he went to prison in 2006, he taught himself spanish and has been giving spanish lessons to other inmates, according to his attorney, daniel petrocelli, teaching business
of survival. ♪ >>> welcome back. breaking news on today's resentencing, a former enron ceo, jeff skilling. scott cohn has the story. scott? >> reporter: maria, this is the first time that we've seen jeff skilling since 2006 when he was originally sentenced to 24 years, 4 months for his role in the most notorious corporate scandal of all time. that case has been back and forth in appeals all the way to the supreme court. today, the justice department and skilling's attorneys presented the judge with an agreement that puts this enron case to rest for the last time. finally. jeff skilling sentenced now to 14 years from the original 24 years. after the federal appeals court said that that 24 years was too harsh. skilling's convictions now all stand. he will release $40 million to the victims. i asked skilling's defense attorney where justice was served. daniel said that justice, in fact, was not served, but nonetheless -- nonetheless -- let's see if we can go to him now, skilling's attorney. >> i do not feel that justice has been served in this enron story, particularly as it relates to mr. s
developments in the case of white-collar felon, former enron ceo has served six and half years of 24 year sentence so far for bringing on the world's largest energy trer. >> it was one of the best in u.s. history. but today his sentence was life by 10 years. now he will be out instead of 17 years from now. so what does this sentence meane >>dish"?h the dish is arthur adella. >> i don't know what the dish is about. >> what is the deal? >> the deal is this. he gets convicted. he gets this huge sentence. >> i mean, he didn't kill anyone. >> but let's double check the math here. he is $60 billion in the enron stock was rendered worthless.ion $2 billion and that is a lot ofm money going on there. >> yes, it is.peopleot also, a lot of people gotuid, le affected. eives were ruined, lives wer wipes so that wipes out his conviction he appeals only to the supreme u court and the supreme court rules in his favor, saying one m of the convictions against him was improper. they go to the lower court aboum this issue in the bottom line is that they say that he was sentenced to nine years to
. 24 hours. zero heartburn. liz: breaking news. one of the enron masterminds just got a decade cut off from his sentence. his prison sentence is now reduced to 14 years from 24 years. he has been in prison since 2006. he was one of the poster boys for the failed energy company enron. which had a legal financial reporting that his billions of dollars in sales skills. the company went under. many ploys lost their employee 401k money and pensions. to the victor and sometimes the victor has a little bit of a gap. this is a japanese company. a top chief executives but took a moment to gloat at the latest shareholder meeting. everyone accused me of being full of hot air. i could achieve could've achieved trillions in gun sales. they laughed when i said that i could earn trillions of yen in profits. he says i will become the world's most current company, biggest company by all measures, whether by sales, profit or market cap. this story is not over, but we thought it was a interesting story. today. heading to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> they put themselve
. adam: it is back to court this hour for enron's former ceo jeff skilling. he wants a decade chopped off his 24-year prison term and he is paying millions to the victims of enron to help make that happen. fair deal or injustice? we have a closer look just ahead. ashley: and a new twist in the international squabble over robert kraft's super bowl ring. vladmir putin wants to settle the score with patriots owner. the question is, is it an offer he can't refuse? daings, or nyet. first the top of the hour. adam: we'll check with nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. i made a comparison to a teenage girl trying to determine her prom date, back and forth back and forth, positive, negative. where are we now? >> i don't know who i'm going to the prom with right now. that is what we're watching the volatility is here. buying the does. selling moves higher. truth. matter it has been a tough week on wall street. you had two down days, big down days with a 200 point loss on wednesday. of. over three hundred point loss yesterday. we're back and forth action. when you talk to
. >>> former enron ceo jeffrey skilling is getting a shorter prison sentence. he's agreed to pay $42 million to the victims of the enron collapse. in exchange a judge has agreed to cut ten years off his 24-year sentence. skilling has already served seven years for fraud, conspiracy, and insider trading. enron's collapse back in 2001 cost investors billions of dollars. >>> and number four, the daughter of former yankees manager joe torre makes an amazing catch. christina f christi christina torre caught a baby that fell out of a window in a brooklyn apartment. >> i saw the baby kind of straddling the pole -- the railing up there. >> okay. now, the father of the baby is calling her a hero. he released a statement last night. >>> and number five, it's been a little more than a month since an ef-5 tornado ripped through moore, oklahoma. the storm killed 24 people and injured more than 300. the town of moore was practically wiped out. one of its residents is doing something to help those suffering from the storm. ♪ >> that's toby keith. he's holding an oklahoma twister relief concert. it takes
, cotchett has taken on major organizations and even wall street. including lawsuits against enron and gold mman sachs. >>> meanwhile, the a's owner lew wolff says he's not in favor of legal action or legal threats to solve business issues. instead of lawsuits oakland is focusing on a new stadium. they're also working on a lease extension at the coliseum. waiting in san jose is the proposed ballpark for the a's. you heard the council members talking about this. these are artist renderings of the field that would be built in the league allows them to move. today's lawsuit comes on the heals of a messy week. two days ago coaches from the a's and visiting seattle mariners were up to their ankles in raw sewage. it flooded the clubhouses of both teams. all the players were forced to shower in the raiders locker room, which is on a higher level at the stadium. the 47-year-old coliseum could not handle the plumbing demands of the sellout crowd. >>> our survey tonight. should the a's move to san jose? you can vote by texting or calling at 408-300-9222. text 1 for yes or 2 for no. you can also tweet
been dismantled. enron will swear in its new president in just over one month. iran was where in its new president and just over one month. we take a look at his background to becoming president. >> it is clear this is hassan rouhani's home town. there are congratulations from the people. it is a small, unassuming city that turned a religious student into one of the most powerful men. he grew up with the future president. >> we are so happy because of his election. this city is blessed. for young people to see one has gone up. become president, it is such an honor. >> here he was surrounded by politics. his father was sent to jail numerous times for speaking out against those in power. his friends say that had a big influence on hassan rouhani. it is here he would begin his political activism fighting -- as the shot of the ron and the former margaret. this would eventually lead him down the path of becoming a r -- iran's seventh president. it also forced him into exile. with the 1979 revolution, they both returned to iran. he has been part of the inner circle since then earning prais
executive of enron has struck a deal to cut his sense by -- sentence by 10 years. jeffrey skill earn's sentence has been reduced to 10 years. the energy giant folded in 2001 after one of the biggest corporate frauds in u.s. history.
, the rise and fall of eliot spitzer, meah maxima culpa, silence in the eye of god, and enron its smartest guys in the room. your new film called we steal secrets the story of wiki laeks in theatres now, on demand june 7th. we steal secrets, about wikileaks, are you in this discussion tonight going to spill any state secrets that could get a bag popped over my head and get me dragged off to guantanamo. >> no, i don't think so. >> stephen: you don't think so. >> i don't think so but you know, we steal secrets is actually a phrase said by former cia director michael hayden. he looked at me and said alex, we steal secrets, that's what we do. >> stephen: the cia does. >> correct. >> stephen: they're licence food do so. >> seemingly so. >> stephen: are you making equivalency between the cia, the official intelligence agency of the united states, and some clown like julian a sang and badly manning, a known criminal who stole these state secrets and leaked them to the world and possibly to our enemies and endangered american lives. >> bradley manning is to you being charged with aiding the enemy
check the plane and found no issues with the aircraft. >> former enron ceo jeffrey skilling, already in prison for his role in the energy giant collapse, will learn if his more than 24 year prison sentence could be reduced as many as 10 years. he is to be read sentenced today during a federal court hearing in houston. this is part of a court ordered reduction of his prison term and a separate agreement prosecutors that will allow for the distribution of kron4 1 million in restitution to victims of in run's collapse. some enron victims are expected to speed on today's hearing. >> we will be right back. bulldog: ahh, the dog days bulldog: ahh, the dog days of summer... time to celebrate with your mates... grill a few dogs... eh, hot dogs. bacon burgers... dachshund: mattress discounters' 4th of july sale!? bulldog: that cloud reminds me of... radio: the tempur-pedic cloud collection. bulldog: that's it! radio: with 48 months interest-free financing... bassett hound: free financing? radio: or get a queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497. bulldog: that's a ringer
and threat to national security. they will pay the price. >> former enron ceo jeffrey got prison sentence reduced by 10 years today. skilling will serve 15 years instead of the 24 years for his role in the energy giant collapse. sentencing in 2006 skilling could be released in 2017. court ordered the resentence to go allow the distribution of 40 million dollars in restitution to victims of the enron collapse. >> food network not renewing celebrity chef paula deen contract after she admit entered a lawsuit that she used racial slur in the past. the decision came after her tearful apology. >> taking this opportunity now that i have pulled myself together and am able to speak to offer an apology to those that i have hurt >> posted this video on line. contract expires this month. she's being sued for racial sexual discrimination by manager the of restaurant and deposition last month she admitted to using the y.word -- n-word. >> much more ahead tonight. coming up. nancy pelosi returns to her bay area district with renewed hope for immigration reform. hear what she has to say. >> right p
. they bring these very high-profile cases. i don't think he deserved 24 years. enron was the seventh largest company of the year. a lot of people lost their jobs and savings. he was definitely culpable. ii was an accounting fraud, but 24 years, putting that into perspective, the average murder sentence is 49 years. you have a lot of people who get off with the standard sentences or prosecution or those who are in the thick who you have never heard of. melissa: and because he irritated the judge comment has to do the weight of a it. is that right? >> about 70% is based on the economic cost. that is also if you look at what enron was about. and what it was worth at the end, which was zero. if you plug it into the formula, you get 24 years. >> it is so hard to sit there and evaluate what is the damage to you. that is sort of what you are looking at. honestly this is only money on one hand. on the other hand, when you think about the scummy thing about bernie medoc and their whole life savings were wiped out and people committed suicide. there was death involved in these cases. i mean, how do yo
to have his 24-year prison sentence for his role in the enron scandal, hopes to have it reduced. if all goes according to plan, he could be free in four more years, part of a deal made with prosecutors that allowed $41 million to go to victims of enron's collapse. sue? >> jim cramer, ty, is getting ready and getty miked up, and we'll ask him the theme question of the day. opportunity or overreaction? there he is. it's cramer time. hey, jimmy. >> i like the regional banks, don't like the international banks. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. hurry, before this opportunity cools off. >>> they wrote an intro. i don't care about the intro. jim cramer is here. >> thank you for having me. >> i guess a couple days ago it could have been easy to say that everything was an overreaction. we knew bernanke would start tapering at some point, but there are other things that have been going on that are at play here. china being
in history even more important than the enron whistleblowers. secondly, i would like to wish good luck to the nsa whistle blower, mr. snowden. (applause) >>> let's put it this way. the red chinese knew what we were doing. it was no news to them. the only people that didn't know it officially were the people in the united states. for the record, he did not disclose names, he only discussed methodology. and i say, let the guy live and let's argue about it in court and see what the jury decides, whether he's a patriot or a traiter. thirdly, i would like to call fort meade ~es are itiontion vation itionv ~ resignation of mayor ed lee. in baseball you get three strikes. san francisco muni, he was a long-time city administrator. he should have known better. the muni was going downhill fast. strike two. in my opinion, he and supervisors elsbernd and chiu failed miserably to save the san francisco 49ers. and the only reason why the giants are in town is because they built their own stadium financially. and third and most compelling, san francisco housing authority, he had a hand in hiring him.
profile lawyer who sued enron, bernie madoff and the bush administration. >> it's all about greed. this is not only a legal case, this is a moral outrage. you see what's happen iing. this is the tenth largest city in the nation. they're being subjected to a cold shoulder by bud selig. we're taking this case to the community, santa clara county, the people of san jose, and everyone who lives in that area. >> many feel this case will not go to trial. there will be a settlement between san jose, the league and the san francisco giants. they're not charging san jose for his services. there are other ballpark proposals on the table and off the table. the freemont plan was scrapped in 2009 and three others, each of which would keep the a's in oakland, the idea to build a stadium in jack lemmon square died in 2010, there's still talk of a waterfront ballpark site at the port of oakland. in march, oakland mayor announced a plan called coliseum city, which would mean demolishing the current facility along 880. the a's have made it clear they want to move to the south bay. >>> a great kid w
successfully sued enron, bernie madoff and also the bush administration. joe kochet has taken the case on pro bono because he is that upset. >> it's all about greed. this is not only a legal case, this is a moral outrage. you see this happening. the tenth largest city in the nation, they are being subjected to a cold shoulder by bud selig. he has refused to talk to them. we are taking this case for the community of not only santa clara county, the people of san jose and everybody who lives in that area. >> kochet and many baseball insiders feel this case will not go to trial. instead, they think there will be a settlement between san jose, the league and the san >> we will be keeping our eye very close on that one. >>> it is a flag aimed at celebrating gay pride but now in one bay area city it's causing some controversy. the calistoga city council agreeing to raise that flag for pride week after a resident suggested doing it at a meet bug just a few days later, some people started complaining about it. the mayor says residents want to know why they weren't part of the process and what other s
the prison sentencof former enron ceo to 14 years. part of a deal with prosecutors jeffrey skilling convicted i 2006 for lying to investors for insider trading. he was sentenced to 24 years. he will also have to come up with $42 million in restitutn as part of the deal. gold posting sharp losses, but gaining $6 today to close at $1292 per ounce. crude oil settling at 93.69. the yield on the 10-year 2.51% post in the largest wely gain in four years. the sooner the fed pays it out, presses on buying. hurting the economy more than it has helped. editor-in-chief steve forbes, great to have you with us. qe appears to be at an end, sort of. $85 billion continues, the rates are moving higher, so that will be problematic. your thoughts on the timing on all of thisy the fed chairman. >> three years late, better late than never, what ben bernanke has done inadvertently this make it easier for the vernment to deficit spending, get back on their feet, issue newonds but for the rest of the economy, smaller businesses like with what they said in russia, health care is free but you can't get any. they a the
. you've had successful lawsuits against enron, bernie madoff and the bush administration. why take on this place. it's been a house of horrors for years. >> let me tell you something, raj. this is an economic rape and pillage. it's all about greed. this is not only a legal case, this is a moral outrage. you see what's been happening. the tenth largest city in the nation. they're being subjected to a cold shoulder by bud selig. he has refused to talk to them. we're taking this case for the community of not only santa clara county, the people of san jose and everybody who lives in that area. look, we live in a country that's all about competition. and they hide behind an exemption to the anti-trust laws that was developed some 90 years ago that's not relevant today. but more important, they hide behind other laws and they're not going to get away with it here in california. we decided -- >> if i can interject here. we've been doing this song and dance for four years. i think people want an answer. we'll have this conversation one year from now. where are we going to be with this issu
about it, there were many executives inside enron who probably would have spoken up or called the feds if they weren't so worried about destroying their relationships with their co-workers. and there were dozens, hundreds, of bankers and brokers during the housing bubble that went along with a ponzi scheme because pointing out that it was all a exam is something we don't do. there are reporters that know more than they will ever tell their readers, they do not want to invite rekrim nation from their peers or sources. certain people, though are able somehow to transcend our deep socialization when the circumstances call for it. they're able to recognize corruption or duplicity that others accept to go along to get along. i've always had a special admiration for those people, who when it matters are willing to proclaim loudly, even rudely, this is f-ed up. michael hastings was that kind of person. the 33-year-old reporter and author died early tuesday morning in a car wreck. a brutal tragic loss that has robbed the world of an exemplary journalist and talented writer. he wrote detailed d
" actor died of a heart attack. ex-enron chief jeffrey skilling could have ten years knocked off his prison sentence today as part of an agreement with the prosecutors. the miami heat celebrating their second straight nba championship. they beat the spurs in game seven. >> time for your favorite viral video of the week. was it the little boy hearing for the first time? the principal's loving sendoff? or a bear getting too close for comfort. >> sarah tweeted i cried watching that boy hear for the first time. sharon tweeted i thought it was pretty cool -- this is a different one -- what those kids did for their principal. they must really love him. couldn't say that about my principal back in the day. >> jan says my husband's a hunter. i can't imagine what he'd do if a bear got that close to him. mixed reviews. the winner was the little boy receiving 75% of the vote. >> the bear climbing up the tree got 16%. the principal came in third with 8%. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> good morning. it is friday, june 21.m alison r gretchen this morning a nfl star left the bar with
the group was trying to figure out what to do if the expectant mom went into labor. >>darya: former enron c-e-o jeffrey skilling, already in prison for his role in the energy giant's collapse, will learn if his more than 24- year prison sentence could be reduced by as many as 10 years. skilling is to be re- sentenced today during a federal court hearing in houston. this is part of a court- ordered reduction of his prison term and a separate agreement with prosecutors that will allow for the distribution of around $41 million in restitution to victims of enron's collapse. some enron victims are expected to speak during today's hearing. new this morning. >>mark: the state's unemployment rates has dropped to eight point 6 percent. the lowest level since november of 2008. the labor department reports employers in california added more than 10-thousand jobs to their payrolls last month. hiring was nearly across the board, with the biggest gains happening in the leisure and hospitality sector. government jobs also saw healthy gains in may. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
19% of their retirement money into company stock. >> "should we invest all of our 401(k) in enron stock?" absolutely. don't you guys agree? (crowd laughing) >> smith: for savers like debbie skoczynski, who worked for comdisco, a computer leasing company, the fall would be precipitous. >> i was close to a half-million dollars i had in my 401(k) with company stock. you know, it was like, "wow, look at all the money we have. "look at what is happening. you know, i can retire probably when i'm 45." >> the dot-com failures continue to mount... >> smith: skoczynski not only lost her savings, she lost her job. >> comdisco today filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, including another 200 job cuts. >> they joined a who's who list of corporate bankruptcies. >> the day i got laid off, i lost it. i thought, "oh, my god, i'm a single parent. "i have no job. "i have a house, i have a house payment. what do i do?" you know, and... i was scared. really scared. i didn't have much of a retirement left. i couldn't even borrow against it. and it was just something that i never foresaw ever, you
change it, instead of running the federal government like it's enron, actually account for things properly, we would see -- >> rose: could the office of management and budget do that? >> of course. we know how to do this. there's a way of doing it to generational accounts. there's a way of constructing balance sheets. we just don't do it. we've got stock with conventions of government accounting that we would never allow corporations to get away with. >> rose: the rule of law, where has it ÷sj.t now? >> we used to have it and it used to be the end of the -- envy of the world. now we have the rule of lawyers. >> rose: are we a more litigious society than most? >> yes. example: southwest airlines suddenly found itself on the wrong end of a class action brought by a chicago law firm on behalf of business class passengers on the ground of some technical defect with the free drink vouchers. now, this was settled, southwest folded, it didn't go all the way to court, and i think the plaintiffs got a free drink voucher each. but the lawyers made $3 million on that case and that's typical
the fellow at enron. he didn't know what was going on. out he went. >> pat, disturbing new information tonight in the nsa scandal. turns out the contractor that did the background check on nsa leaker edward snowden is now itself your honor crimin itself under criminal investigation. >> criminal investigation by the office of personnel management inspector general and received information this investigation is related to uses, systematic failure to adequately conduct investigations into its contract. and usus conducted a background check in 2011 for edward snowden. we are limited what we can say about the investigation, clearly it's an ongoing investigation and we cannot comment. it's a reminder that background investigations have real consequences for national security. >> you know, pat, this one sort of borders something is messed up. usus. 2/3 of the back fwroground chec. why do we outsource? the fbi used to do it. they themselves are under criminal investigation and last year, the taxpayers paid them $200 mullion plus. >> this to me was a revelation. have you this usus organization
morning news. former enron and ceo jeffrey skilling, already in prison for his role in the energy giants collapsed, is said to learn if his more than 24 year prison sentence could be reduced by as many as 10 years. skilling to be reset test today during a federal court hearing and he said. his recent testing is part of a court ordered reduction of his prison term and a separate agreement with prosecutors that will allow for the distribution of all around $41 million in restitution to victims of an around collapse. some in riot victims are expected to speak during the reset the scene. . faster why fight could soon become your way. --wifi. a new technology with speeds of up to 1.3 megabits per cent at has been approved by tech company,--gigabits. wifi alliance. the boston- based company has approved a device that can run up the new standard "802.11ac" this means you could transfer a high-definition movie to a tablet and under four minutes. the company has introduced 19 routers, access points', microchip's and smart phones. while shipments of the " a.c. " why five devices began last year, t
. >> decision day for a white collar criminal. a judge expected to rule today on whether former enron ceo skilling should be released early. if the judge signs off his 24 year sentence could be reduced and he could be out in 2017. >>> the u.s. is or was poised to talk about bringing an end to the fighting in afghanistan. also in play, the fate of an american soldier held captive since 2009. barbara starr has more. >> reporter: there may be fragile new hope for the release of this sergeant. >> release me, please. i'm begging you. bring me home, please. bring me home. >> reporter: he is the only american soldier known to be in captivity held for the last four years by insurgents along the afghanistan/pakistan border. now the u.s. and taliban are on the verge of a face-to-face meeting to talk about ending the afghanistan war and he is on the negotiating agenda. >> certainly the issue of the sergeant and the fact that he has been gone so long is part of the discussion. >> reporter: the taliban wants to swap him for five detainees held at guantanamo bay. some ask, should the u.s. negotiate wit
-day equivalent would be like allowing enron to drill a strategic oil reserve. that is exactly what was happening with teapot film. the members of harding's cabinet were taking oil reserves and secretly selling them off to oil companies. mrs. harding, who came from an interesting journalistic background, she was a tough newspaper woman. she was probably part of the entire corrupt affair that was the harding white house. they had a circle of cronies that was called the ohio gang. they were figuring out literally how to loot the country. the veterans bureau secretary probably stole about $200 million in money that was supposed to go toward world war i veterans. the ohio gang openly sold all sorts of government licenses and commissions and they literally set up shop on k street. they went in the door at. you paid them some money and you got whatever you wanted. the corruption was unparalleled and we haven't seen anything remotely close to it. even aber mocks 80 -- even aber muff -- even abramoff's fees are nothing by comparison. i have known him for a long time. i was astonished to find out some of
. ex-enron ceo jeff skilling who has been in prison since 2006 for his role in the firm's collapse has been resentenced to 14 years from 24. it was part after court ordered reduction ann this was in agreement with prosecutors. >> miami heat topping the san antonio spurs in game seven of the championship. i wanted the spurs underdogs. score was 95-856789 the second consecutive nba championship for the miami heat with lebron james winning the mvp tight again. "after the bell" starts right now. david: everybody was wondering whether today it would follow what happened on wednesday and thursday. not so, we're on the plus side. not staggeringly so but solidly. david steinberg, managing partner at. he says the equity market is the only place to be. he has three-ways to play it. phillip strike bell from the pits of the cme. phil, i want to start with you. looks like no one knows exactly how to play the market now. up an downsides go 30 times trading between each other swinging on both side of trades. what do you think will happen next week? >> i think the summer selloff is here. i think we'll
is the former enron ceo. he may see the light at the end of the tunnel, he will appear at a houston courtroom that will potentially significantly reduce his time behind bars. jody is joining us from iowa on our line for republicans. but morning. caller: good morning. i was listening to miss pelosi. isn't she the one who said we ?hould pass obama care that is what is hurting a lot of us here in iowa. i am afraid that this is going to be bad for our economy. the president and his policies, millions of dollars have been wasted. it is tax payer dollars that funded these. they got the money up front they did not produce we have gm building a brand new plant in china because that is the new economy. they still have not paid the tax payers back. my grand kids and my great grand kids are going to be paying for this. host: thank you for the call. where is your city in the state? caller: southwest. host: do you support the immigration bill? caller: i do, i am from california and arizona. they only build a 38 miles to the fence. been through this when president reagan was in. it never got done. quietthe
: here is a blast from the past. a resentencing hearing is set for former enron executive jeffrey skilling. his original 24-year prison sentence is expected to be reduced as part of a deal that would give victims more than $40 million in restitution. martha: the senators will begin debate on a landmark immigration bill that will be up for discussion this morning. but this time there is a new border security surge amendment bringing both sides closer on this issue. we talked to marco rubio yesterday and juror john mccain made a passionate plea for this bill on the senate floor. listen. i'll take responsibility. i didn't do a good enough job on selling my candle easing on the absolute need for immigration reform. the fact is 11 million people live in the shadows and they live in de facto am necessary city and they are being exploited every single day. martha: then bill o'reilly weighed in and said it could be politically damaging for republicans if they don't pass it. >> reporter: the republican party has a lot to lose here. if they don't compromise many hispanics will reject the pa
. " france is blessed the riders before celebrating mass. the bikers are enron celebrating the 100th anniversary of the harley-davidson company. >> make your for the july plan is now and join us for kron 4 urs july 4th live. this is the only local, lives fireworks show in the bay area. will bring you the biggest and best fireworks from san rafeal, milpitas, pleasant hill and san francisco. that is called for july for the allies starting at 9:00 p.m.. >> falling father say, here is any little car that most as would love to have. the >> item is from porsche and it is a go kart perr. >> the pedal powered vehicle is about 5 ft. long, and weighs a mere 55 lbs.. this be arranged both depend on your kids motivation. the side benefit is that there are no batters to charge and no emissions. the porsche go-karts is suitable for children ages 5 and older, weighing up the hundred and 10 lbs. with a height of about 5 ft.. the goal cargo's four $900 and are available in schools of from participating authorized porsche and dealers. >> the highs will be in the upper 70's. we will have a bigger cool
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